Man and Woman of the Year

The Rotary Club of Gainesville proudly accepts nominations for the 2023 Man & Woman of the Year Awards. Thank you for taking the time to submit a nomination for this prestigious award. Anyone in the Hall County community may submit a nomination for this award. Membership in Rotary is not required to nominate or to be considered for the award.

Nominations may include:

  • Rotarians and Non-Rotarians
  • Individuals who have made a positive volunteer impact on Gainesville/Hall County. 

In selecting the Man/Woman of the Year, the selection committee will consider the nominee's entire past career of volunteer civic service, with possible emphasis on the current year. However, the nominees' activities in the current year are sometimes decisive.

Nominations prefer individuals recognized for volunteer work over those who serve as business enterprise employees. Service rendered by the individual for which they received salary or fees or by which the nominee makes his living will receive minimum consideration.

The selection committee will give the most weight to those activities performed at some personal or professional sacrifice and for which the individual receives no general compensation. One would need more than excelling in their job to receive the award. However, unusual professional or business achievement for the community's benefit is part of the total picture. Non-paid community service, including church or civic work, is the crucial criterion.


The Nomination period opens September 18th, 2023, and closes October 18th, 2023. Please use the following link to complete the nomination process. If you have any questions about the online application, please contact the Club Secretary, Joey Tripp.

Online Application

Supporting Documents

Use the link below to upload a Resume/CV or Letters of Recommendation and Endorsement.

Document Upload

Past Recipients

The following people are past recipients of the Man of the Year and Woman of the Year Awards. Please note: past recipients are not eligible to be nominated again.

Nominated Year Man of the Year Woman of the Year
2022  Frank Norton, Jr.  Lee Highsmith
2021  Doug Hanson  Carol Burrell
2020 Rob L. Fowler, Jr. Andrea Timpone
2019 R. K. Whitehead Ruth Bruner
2018 Dallas Gay Sandra Deal
2017 Doug Carter Nancy Norton
2016 Dr. David Westfall Emily "Sissy" Lawson
2015 Garland Reynolds Deborah Mack
2014 Jim Walters Martha Nesbit
2013 Dr. Jack Burd Jane Hemmer
2012 Butch Miller Haydee Anderson
2011 Nathan Deal Sheri Hooper
2010 Gus Whalen Mary Lynn Coyle
2009 Dr. Ed Burnette Julia Cromartie
2008 Reuben Black Pam Ware
2007 Lorry Schrage Connie Hagler
2006 Jim Moore Kate Zoercher
2005 Dr. Robert Bruner Rosemary Dodd
2004 Frank Armstrong Gwen Mundy
2003 W. L. Norton, Jr. Martha Painter
2002 Bobby Painter Frances Mathis
2001 Curt Severson Marty Owens
2000 Dr. Sam Poole Betty Mansfield
1999 John Melvin Linda Askew
1998 Charles Thurmond Joan Hopkins
1997 Charles Smithgall Sally Darden
1996 Steve Gilliam & James Mathis, Jr. Bettie Sue Harris
1995 Lou Fockele Evanda Moore
1994 Dr. Martin Smith LeTrell E. Simpson
1993 Joe Hatfield Kit Dunlap
1992 Max Ward Joanne Frierson
1991 Lewis Coker Madge Burch
1990 Philip Wilheit Mary Lou Melvin
1989 Woodrow Stewart Mary Hart Wilheit
1988 John Cromartie, Sr. Mrs. Don Carter
1987 Abit Massey Mrs. Gordon Sawyer
1986 John Cromartie, Jr. Mrs. Coy Skaggs
1985 Dr. P. K. Dixon Mildred Hughes
1984 Dr. Hartwell Joiner Mrs. W. D. Stribling
1983 Curtis Segars Mrs. Thomas Wilheit
1982 John C. Thompson Mrs. Robert L. Moore
1981 Carol Eure Carol Eure
1980   Mary Lou Sheridan
1979 Eugene Beckstein Mrs. C. B. Collins
1978 Dr. Hugh Mills Mrs. George Thomas, Jr.
1977 Richard Shockley Mrs. Charles Smithgall
1976 Buck Ward Betty Price
1975 Charlie Johnson Mrs. W. L. Norton, Jr.
1974 L. D. Lawson Mrs. George Moore
1973 Otis L. Cato Mrs. A. Frank Wiegand, Jr.
1972 Tom Blackstock Mrs. Emory Robinson
1971 Dr. W. D. Stribling Mrs. James DeLong
1970 Ray McRae Mrs. Eugene Kirkpatrick
1969 John Jacobs, Jr. Mrs. Gerald Garrard
1968 Lester W. Hosch Mrs. Charlie Martin (Juaneese)
1967 Ross Burnes Mrs. Anges Wade
1966 Sidney O. Smith, Jr. Mrs. Robert E. Williams

Charles K. Edmondson &
James C. Platt.

Mrs. Hayes Edwards
1964 A. R. Kenyon Mrs. Leslie Quinlan
1963 Sam S. Harben Mrs. J. D. Carter
1962 J. Milton Hardy Mrs. B. J. Terry
1961 S. O. Smith, Sr. Betty Abercrombie
1960 James Mathis Mrs. Howard Pursell
1959 H. W. Wallis Mrs. Mark McConnell
1958 Carter H. Estes Mrs. Carter Estes
1957 Joe. K. Telford Mrs. Earle Vance
1956 F. E. Bobo, Jr. Ann Dudley
1955 J. W. Howell O. B. Leverett
1954 W. H. Slack, Jr. Mrs. Herbert Edmondson
1953 James A. Dunlap Mrs. Claude J. Carter
1952 Leslie F. Quinlan Dr. Virginia H. Maley
1951 Emory F. Robinson Mrs. W. R. Garne
1950 Conrad J. Romberg Bessie Bickers
1949 Jesse D. Jewell  
1948 Thomas H. Paris  
1947 Leland C. Rew  
1946 Josiah Crudup Mrs. George W. Wofford
1945 Rhett Turnipseed Mrs. Ralph J. Pope
1944 Robert A. Brice Virginia Brown
1943 H. E. Terrell  
1942 C. J. Cheves  
1941 P. C. Henderson  
1940 Henry H. Estes  
1939 John W. Craft  
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